Top sommeliers from Singapore taste Don Melchor’s 35th vintage

Top sommeliers from Singapore taste Don Melchor’s 35th vintage

During their trip to South America, two renowned sommeliers from the exclusive wine bar Park90 visited Viña Don Melchor's facilities to learn more about Puente Alto's icon Cabernet Sauvignon.

Mason Ng and Lucas Liu, team members of Singaporean wine bar Park90, visited Chile in May to discover and learn more about Viña Don Melchor’s wines.   

Park90 is renowned for its extensive and exclusive wine list, which includes more than 2,000 labels from the best origins in the world, each endorsed by significant awards from the global wine press. 

Enrique Tirado, CEO and Don Melchor’s Technical Director, led an exclusive tasting for Mason and Lucas. The tasting included wines from Don Melchor’s seven vineyard parcels, three master blends made by the winemaker himself, and the 35th vintage of Puente Alto’s icon Cabernet Sauvignon: Don Melchor 2021. During the event, each sommelier had the chance to make their own Don Melchor blend with Enrique’s assistance. This experience allowed them to understand Don Melchor’s excellence and the work behind it. 

Enrique later took them to Puente Alto’s Don Melchor vineyard to explore the terroir’s unique characteristics, including soil profile, climate, agroecological practices, and the innovative Solar Vineyard project. 

Hosting Mason Ng and Lucas Liu will undoubtedly help us strengthen our position and spread Don Melchor’s outstanding features in Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore.