Mexican writer and luxury expert visited Casona Don Melchor

Mexican writer and luxury expert visited Casona Don Melchor

Renowned wine and high-end tourism writer Deby Beard, recently experienced some of the most luxurious experiences at our Casona in Pirque.

Renowned wine and luxury living personality Deby Beard recently graced our facilities in Pirque with her two talented daughters, Mélanie and Alexis. The mother-daughter trio was on a mission to document Deby’s unique experiences and stories. Needless to say, they were thoroughly impressed by the two exquisite luxury experiences that Don Melchor had to offer.

Deby and her daughters relished the rare chance to savor a full range of three parcels from the prestigious Don Melchor vineyard, complemented by their corresponding blends, in the company of none other than Viña Don Melchor’s CEO, Technical Director, and winemaker extraordinaire, Enrique Tirado. The icing on the cake was the privilege of tasting the 35th edition of the legendary Don Melchor 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon, a true masterpiece from the iconic Puente Alto estate.

Isabel Guilisasti, Vice President of Fine Wines and Corporate Image at Viña Concha y Toro spoke highly of Deby’s recent visit. According to her, Deby’s exceptional energy, passion, and extensive knowledge of the latest global luxury industry trends have always impressed her. Being a well-traveled industry expert herself, Deby’s experience and insights have made her a reference in the industry. Isabel admires her greatly and thoroughly enjoys hosting her and her two daughters. The exchange of ideas and trends was nothing short of perfect.

Deby wrote a blog post titled “The Heart of Chilean Winemaking” after her visit. She stated how thrilled and honored she was to learn from the talented and charismatic winemaker Enrique Tirado, one of the most influential figures in the national wine scene. He expertly guided her through a sensory journey to craft her wine, meticulously selecting the finest plots from the illustrious Don Melchor vineyard. The resulting wine is an unparalleled expression of the Puente Alto terroir, embodying its essence in every sip.

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Deby Beard is a highly acclaimed wine connoisseur who has established herself as a prominent figure in the Mexican media industry. Her tireless efforts in promoting wine culture through her renowned blog and radio program have earned her nationwide recognition from major media outlets. In addition, Deby has authored numerous celebrated books that have cemented her reputation as an authority in the world of wine.

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