Members of La Cav visit Viña Don Melchor

Members of La Cav visit Viña Don Melchor

Led by the magazine's Editorial Director, Ana María Barahona, a group of 14 members of the Chilean specialized magazine visited Viña Don Melchor in Pirque for a unique and personalized experience with Puente Alto's icon Cabernet Sauvignon.

It was a new experience for the partners of Chile’s wine magazine La Cav, after visiting the facilities of Viña Don Melchor in Pirque to learn all about its impeccable heritage and trajectory, the unparalleled conditions of the terroir from which it comes, and the deep understanding and mastery in the elaboration of its Don Melchor wine.

They began with a complete tour of the gardens of Casona Don Melchor, followed by a visit to Don Melchor’s cellar. Afterward, they went to the Casona and met with the CEO and Technical Director of Viña Don Melchor, Enrique Tirado.

Enrique prepared a vertical tasting of three iconic vintages of Don Melchor -2009, 2015, and 2018-, which were accompanied by a selection of three parcels accompanied by the N°35 vintage: Don Melchor 2021. Afterward, they visited the library, where they were able to see the first vintage of Don Melchor.

To close the day, they enjoyed a three-course dinner in the dining room of Casona Don Melchor, where they were able to talk with Enrique Tirado about Puente Alto’s icon Cabernet Sauvignon: Don Melchor.

“Having received Anita, part of her team and the group of partners of La Cav, was a great experience to continue showing the great history of Don Melchor and all the details of its great origin in the prestigious appellation of origin Puente Alto,” concludes Enrique.