The 2023 Harvest has begun in the Don Melchor Vineyard

The 2023 Harvest has begun in the Don Melchor Vineyard

The harvest began in early March—a bit earlier than usual—and the number of blocks harvested increased slowly.

Each of the micro-blocks that have been harvested has entered the winery at the precise moment of ripeness, and the first grapes crushed have ripe tannins, intense fruity flavors, and very well-balanced acidity.

The 2022–2023 season was marked by a temperate winter with sufficient rain and no frosts. The temperatures remained cool during the spring, which resulted in a bud break that progressed at a calm pace.

In December, the weather changed in the Puente Alto D.O. and led to a stable summer with temperatures that were appropriate for the proper ripening of the tannins in our Cabernet Sauvignon. There was no rain, and Maipo River maintained a normal flow, enabling it to supply sufficient water for irrigation the Don Melchor Vineyard.

Always with the aim of being a faithful reflection of the Puente Alto D.O. and obtaining the best expression of each micro-block in the Don Melchor Vineyard, the harvest will continue at the pace set by the ripening of each one of them.