New Don Melchor Experiences: unforgettable moments around wine

New Don Melchor Experiences: unforgettable moments around wine

The following are new options to the exclusive tourist offer of Don Melchor in Pirque.

Two new additions to our luxury tourism experiences at Viña Concha y Toro: Lunch at Casona and Winemaker for a Day. These experiences provide exceptional service around Don Melchor, complementing the visit to the resort.

In the Winemaker for a Day experience, visitors will be able to create their blend to create a wine that, in sight, aroma, and taste, is as close as possible to Puente Alto’s essence. To do this, visitors will taste and select samples from each of the seven plots of the Don Melchor vineyard.

The Lunch at Casona consists of an exclusive three-course menu from selected, top-quality ingredients. Each dish was specially designed to achieve the perfect harmony between food and Puente Alto’s best wines. 

Both experiences are in addition to the Collector’s Experience, which includes a tasting of Don Melchor’s latest vintage and a selection of three Puente Alto terroir parcels that give rise to this iconic wine. All experiences are by reservation only; details are available on our Experiences page.

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