Irish journalist Liam Campbell visits Viña Don Melchor

Irish journalist Liam Campbell visits Viña Don Melchor

Wine journalist Liam Campbell recently visited Viña Don Melchor to get all the details and history of Puente Alto's icon Cabernet Sauvignon.

Viña Don Melchor received a visit from Irish expert Liam Campbell. The renowned wine educator, who is based in Dublin, is currently writing for Ireland’s leading hospitality magazine, Hotel & Restaurant Times 

Campbell, who has spent more than 25 years educating on wine in Ireland, was received by Viña Don Melchor’s CEO and technical director, Enrique Tirado, who led an exclusive tasting of our icon Cabernet Sauvignon from Puente Alto: Don Melchor. 

During the meeting, Liam Campbell tasted Don Melchor’s seven parcels. He learned about the different expressions offered by the Cabernet Sauvignon from the Don Melchor vineyard and tasted the 2021 vintage, which today celebrates its 35th harvest.  

Such a visit will help us further position Don Melchor as a world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and a leading exponent of the Puente Alto Appellation of Origin.