Don Melchor Summit LATAF 2020

Don Melchor Summit LATAF 2020

On December 15, Viña Don Melchor's General Manager Enrique Tirado met online with major clients from the Latin American and African markets (LATAF). He presented the new 2018 vintage, highlighting its widespread praise and elaboration, calling it "the perfect vintage."

Enrique told the audience about Don Melchor’s history, the wine’s conception, and his long-lasting goal: to make a wine that truly expresses its terroir. Tirado discussed the wine’s production process and how his travels to Médoc every year to join the Boissenot family helped define the final blend.

Enrique explained how special his 2018 vintage turned out to be. Thanks to weather conditions and his team, it was an unprecedented harvest and resulted in a wine that faithfully expresses the Andes Mountains’ influence on its stony soils and climate.

As manager of the LATAF area, Manuel Infante said that “our mission with Don Melchor is to strengthen its “world-class” image, positioning this wine among today’s best Cabernets worldwide, next to some of the most outstanding wines of the old world.

He invited clients to be part of this process since “only with your help and commitment can we take this brand to the next level in Latin America, one that is beyond the limits imposed by our origin. I invite you to become part of this great project and join us on a journey surpassing our current expectations, one that will take us to a new dimension.”