A vintage that reflects the Puente Alto’s unique character

A vintage that reflects the Puente Alto’s unique character

This season’s weather conditions—very close to those of a normal year—enabled us to obtain very expressive and tremendously elegant wines.

The 2021–2022 season had very well-balanced temperatures. The harvest was concentrated in the month of April with parameters that were very close to normal for the Don Melchor Vineyard. As a result, the wines are very concentrated in expression and full of red fruit, but, as always in Puente Alto, they have refined textures and a tremendous balance of flavors, showing all the character of this noble terroir.

Temperatures remained very close to Puente Alto’s historic average from bud break in September through harvest in April, which encouraged excellent plant growth and ripening of the fruit.

Spring temperatures were slightly higher than normal, which was ideal for good flowering and fruit set. The maximum temperatures were also slightly higher in early summer, which favored good veraison. 

The entire ripening period was marked by normal maximum temperatures and nighttime temperatures that were slightly lower than the historic average. The average temperature between January and April was 17.8ºC, just slightly lower than the historic average of 18.0ºC.

The cooler weather that began in January was moderated by the cold winds that descend from the Andes and encouraged the grapes to ripen slowly, which is very important for reaching harvest with great expression of aromas and flavors along with the necessary freshness.

This season’s rainfall was much lower than that of a normal year, just 123 mm, and that obligated us to provide the necessary irrigation throughout the entire season.

The harvest began on March 17 with the parcels of Merlot, which was primarily cut during the second half of March. The harvest of the remaining varieties—predominately Cabernet Sauvignon—was concentrated in the month of April, although a few parcels were picked in the first week of May.

Once again, each of the 151 parcels that comprise Don Melchor expresses its best characteristics, its unique personality, and together they give rise to a tremendous new final blend and a new vintage of Don Melchor that reflects the unique character of the Puente Alto terroir.